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Caracas, Venezuela: Workers’ mass march against fascism, in defense of the Bolivarian Revolution and President Nicolas Maduro’s government, February 18, 2014.

Photos by Tim Anderson


University of Michigan students (members of Students Allied for Freedom and Equality, the Students for Justice in Palestine of U of M) slipped mock eviction notices under the doors of over 2,000 students in university housing to raise awareness about the horrors enabled by UMich’s facilitation of Palestinian ethnic cleansing.

Follow the conversation on twitter: #UMMockEviction and read the article accompanying the actions.

Palestinian Youth & Student Solidarity with Mi’kmaq Blockade


From one stolen land to another, we express our highest solidarity with the Mi’kmaq and Elsipogtog people, the Mi’kmaq Warriors Society and the members of their blockade, defending their lands and confronting colonial resource extraction and profiteering. The blockade, which began September 30, closed Highway 134 in New Brunswick, in the Canadian state, in order to prevent devastating resource extraction (hydraulic fracturing or “fracking”) by SWN Resources, a large U.S. corporation.

Indigenous people in Canada have faced genocide and crimes against humanity, including cultural genocide in residential schools, forced displacement, containment on reservations, controls on movement, and massive land theft and expropriation. They have been resisting for hundreds of years on their land, continually confronting settler colonialism and occupation.

As Palestinians, we also face a settler colonial occupier. We also face occupation, apartheid, resource exploitation, the destruction of our olive trees and the theft of our land and labour for a colonial settler project based on the dispossession, expulsion and oppression of our people. We are struggling to bring settler colonial rule to an end, along with the occupation and apartheid that it creates, and for the right of return of Palestinian refugees, expelled from their homeland for over 65 years.

The Canadian settler colonial state has been one of the foremost international supporters of our settler colonial occupier, Israel. Canada supported the partition of our land, and is now constantly heard in international arenas supporting Israeli wars against Palestinians and Arabs, attacking Palestinian rights, and labelling itself Israel’s best friend. Canadian state officials denounce Palestinian efforts to hold Israel accountable under international law for its crimes against Palestinians, the indigenous people of Palestine - at the same time that Canada attempts to quash and suppress international efforts by Indigenous people to seek justice, accountability and decolonization.

From Palestine to Turtle Island, we have one struggle, and we affirm our solidarity and common resistance!

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By Jayce Augustine. Beautiful!


By Jayce Augustine. Beautiful!


More GIFs from the raid and resistance at Elsipogtog, video from Stimulator.

Some articles, definitely read the first one:

@SettlerColonial came up with #SageAgainstTheMachine; long, but cute.



Students, Faculty, and Community Members Respond to CCNY Shutdown and Takeover of the Assata Shakur/Guillermo Morales Center — October 20, 2013

Today, Sunday 10/20, the City College/CUNY administration has shutdown and taken over the Guillermo Morales/Assata Shakur Community Center.

This center has existed since 1990, when students and community members organized through struggle to create it. In more than 20 years, it is not the first time that CCNY administration has tried to shut it down (see: “Student Activists Under Attack at City College of New York for Honoring Black and Puerto Rican Liberation Heroes “— 2006)

Watch the arrest of a CCNY alum who sat in front of the center upon the takeover here.

View more photos from today’s action here.

Join our Facebook event on October 21st at City College at 12:30pm as we demonstrate against this attack on student and community organizing and oppressed peoples.

Here is a press release by the Students For Educational Rights, the student organization directing the Shakur/Morales Center.

this is a spit in the face to student and community organizing, to Assata Shakur and Guillermo Morales, to the Harlem community, and to the struggle of oppressed peoples worldwide. if you are in NYC today and are able, PLEASE SUPPORT US AGAINST THIS ATTACK ON OUR PEOPLE!
Today, October 21st, 1230pm. 138st and Amsterdam Ave.
it will be community and student struggle once again that will win this space back, just like it did back in 2006. ALL PPOWER TO THE PEOPLE!
check for updates on my Twitter @HeruEspy #CCNYshutdown #saveCCNY

MIA is having none of it. “I am not a conspiracy theorist,” she says.
“Yes, you are,” I say.
The great pop contrarian also known as Mathangi Maya Arulpragasam huffs. “What I said about the internet is what’s happening now. It’s on the front of your own newspaper. It’s not a conspiracy theory, is it – unless your paper is supporting a conspiracy theory? Conspiracy theory is too much of a small pond for me to swim in.” I feel suitably admonished.

It’s been three years since MIA released her last studio album, Maya. Its first track was The Message, a 57-second discordant rap suggesting that social media companies were working hand-in-hand with the world’s governments to spy on us (“Connected to the Google, connected to the government,” she chanted repeatedly). A lot of people accused her of being politically naive. Now, following the Guardian’s revelations about the spying capacity of America’s NSA and Britain’s GCHQ, it looks as if she was stating the obvious. Does she feel vindicated? “I do. I love it.” She grins.

M.I.A. interviewed by the Guardian (19th October 2013)

being vindicated is all intelligent brown folks can hope for these days

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don’t nobody wanna listen to folks of color when we tell them, remember how during occupy wall st Questlove had seen a bunch of NYPD roit gear suited up and when he tried to tweet about it to occupy folks they brushed it off……..only to be overrun by nypd not 20 mins later.

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Our sisters are front line warriors! #Elsipogtog

As variously noted on Twitter, observe the SWN stock dropping. YES


#tobique First Nation blocking trans Canada in support of #Elsipogtog protest 


Fellow Canadians, this is the side you want to be on. Be half as brave as that little girl. #Elsipogtog #cdnpoli 

Meanwhile, Atleo of the AFN is failing at solidarity. @Pam_Palmater:

#Elsipogtog #INM @AFN_Updates NC Atleo’s response to RCMP blockade & attack on Mi’kmaw is weak & shameful. #RISE 



GOP Rep. Steve King calls out “illegal aliens” who just “invaded” his D.C. office.



All taken from an unembeddable Facebook video. The coffee-thrower is my hero!

The Mi’kmaq of Elsipogtog are resisting fracking on their unceded territory. Here is an article/video about the blockade. The RCMP attacked the camp today, some of which you can see in these GIFs.




This may become a serious stand-off. Some say the new Oka. There are caravans and resource deliveries being set up around Canada. Here are some links for some starting in Vancouver. (Apologies for the facebook link) 



I suggest all who are able to make an appearance. One surely filled with rage. One reason Oka failed so miserably was due to the lack of resources. The state starved them out. We must not let this happen.