Resources and support groups for LGBTQ Muslims 


On tumblr:

  • Queer Muslims - A space for queer Muslims to connect, express themselves and share resources. (A real treasure trove of articles, links and book reviews). 
  • I am not Haraam project - a blog for LGBTQ Muslims to celebrate their identities and share their experiences.

Source: the website of the Safra project based in the UK. The full list (which also includes resources not solely targeted at Muslims can be found by clicking here.) However, below is a list of the resources specifically targeted to Muslims.

  • Imaan - UK based
    A social support group for Muslim lesbian, gays, bisexuals, transgender, those questioning their sexuality or gender identity and their friends and supporters.
  • Safra Project- UK based
    A Resource Project working on issues relating to lesbian, bisexual. trans, queer and questioning women who identify as Muslim religiously and/or culturally.


    Listserve-dealing with issues concerning lesbian, bisexual and transgender women that identify as Muslim religiously or culturally.
  • Safra Project Social Group- meets monthly in the UK, check website events notice for dates and venues. 
  • Salaam Canada
    ‘Salaam: Queer Muslim community’ is a Muslim Identified Organization dedicated to social justice, peace and human dignity through its work to bring all closer to a world that is free from injustice, including prejudice, discrimination, racism, misogyny, sexism and homophobia. 
  • The Inner Circle
    The Inner Circle strives to reconcile sexuality and faith, and foster friendship through a positive peer group for gay, lesbian, transgendered and other sexually marginalized persons particularly of the Muslim community, as well as persons of other religions or cultures who experience similar or related challenges, and all those who support our aims.
    They provide information through news/events, articles, discussions and life-orientation. They also have experts and qualified voluntary workers to deal with your queries and counseling, assisting individuals in reconciling their faith with their sexuality and dealing with other sexually related issues. 
  • BiMuslims 
    An email discussion group for Muslims who identify as bisexual or who may be questioning their sexual orientation. Anything relevant to the bisexual Muslim community can be discussed on this forum. It is intended to be a safe space for Muslims who are bisexual and who want tomeet other Muslims who are also bisexual. 
  • Muslim Gay Men
    MuslimGayMen is a group for Muslim gay men and their friends and allies. 
  • Partners of LGBT Muslims
    To bring non-Muslim partners (who are in relationships with Muslims) together to discuss issues of common concern.
  • TransMuslims (need Yahoo sign in)
    An email discussion group for Muslims who identify as transgender, and for those that consider themselves gender variant. This includes anyone that identifies as an MTF (male to female) or an FTM (female to male). Issues of relevance to the Trans Muslim community are welcome on this list, including gender identity, issues of gender socialization in Islam, sex reassignment surgery, and Islam’s views towards transgendered people.
  • Queer Jihad
    A web site devoted to the needs of GLBT Muslims. Website:
  • Queer Muslims
    Resources for GLBT Muslims. Has information about Islam and Transsexuals.

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Will people that call themselves “gay muslims” go to hell?

As I’d tell you with any question about where someone is going, only Allah knows. I find that it’s much easier for Muslims to somehow divide Gay Muslims from “mainstream” Islam. I heard someone once call them their own sect, a deviant version of Islam or a subculture within Islam when in reality, their sexuality is not what defines their ..I guess social or religious.. standing within the religion. Whether you agree with homosexuality or not, you have to recognize the fact that Gay Muslims exist and they adhere to the same laws/rules/guidelines as the rest of us - they also choose to identify as Sunni, Shi’a, Sufi..etc..they aren’t their own sect. They also aren’t as much of a minority as people would like to think, although I’m sure it’d seem that way since most of them are too afraid for their lives to ever admit that they are Gay. That’s something I’d like to see change and I’ll probably lose followers for saying this but it’s my truth- no one should fear for their life because of who they are attracted to. Islam isn’t a harsh religion that applauds those that take the lives of others because of their differences. This goes for Sunni/Shi’a fighting and “honor” killings too. Muslims need to get their act together and stop murdering in the name of Islam. We also need to start calling it what it is (prejudice, hate crimes, crimes of passion, racism, homophobia..) and stop cloaking all this hate with a religion that is perfect. 

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So it seems there has been a lot of talk lately about ‘homosexuality within the Muslim community’, mainly related to an article that came out recently about a two gay Muslim men who were married by an Imam through the traditional ritual of marriage that most Muslims go through. A few folks had asked me my ‘opinion’ on this, but I have been trying to stay out of the discourse on this subject. However, a person can only hold his tongue for so long.

I do not tolerate homosexuals. Thats a stern statement, but before judgments are passed let us build upon this. I do not tolerate homosexuals because of the very definition of what ‘tolerance’ is. Tolerance is to ‘endure’, to ‘put up with’, to have the willingness and ability to give something the right to be even though you may find it to be in the wrong. So when people say “I am tolerant towards this group of people”, they are not saying they ‘accept them for who they are as their fellow man’, what they are really saying is “I will put up with these freaks until something happens that will change their minds to be like me”. I am not tolerant towards any of my fellow man, because I accept anyone and everyone as who they are. Sure it may not be my thing, I may not even agree with it, but I would not expect a person to change simply because of my personal belief regarding how the world should work nor would I want them to. I love my homosexual brothers and sisters within humanity, not because they are homosexual, but because they are human. This type of thinking bothers most because we live in a world where the first thing we see is religion, race, sexual orientation, style, etc.; there are very few of us if any at all who can say we only see another human being as just another human being. 

I would say to some of these so-called ‘Muslims’ who want to get on the homophobic bandwagon every time something like this comes up, what if it was your child? What if your son or daughter came to you and said, “I am gay”. How would you react, how would you treat them, what would you say? The most typical response to expect with this question is some bullshit of how “they wouldn’t have anything to do with” or “oh I’ll make him (or her) straight”, but the fact is you don’t know what you would do. 

So stop ‘tolerating’ people and just start seeing people as god damn people, it is not that hard. If you are going to hate people, hate them for their character, not because of who they love. 


Help needed- let’s change the Google results for ‘gay Muslims’ 


At the moment, when searching for ‘gay Muslims’ on Google, the anti-gay website ‘’ is top of the search results. For a Muslim struggling with accepting their sexuality, coming across this website when searching the internet could be disastrous.

I want us to get the search result for ‘Imaan’ (a UK based LGBTQ Muslim support group) to the top of the list if we can.

To help, please do the following:

  • search for ‘gay Muslims’ on Google
  • Click on the result for ‘Imaan London’ ( which is about 7 results down the list.
  • Ask your friends to do the same

Hopefully, this ‘googlebombing’ technique will raise the search result for ‘Imaan’ to get to the top of the list and hopefully help LGBTQ Muslims looking for support.

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homosexuality in the quran 


This is going to be a long-ass post, but not nearly as long as this topic deserves. The more I’ve studied this issue, the more I’ve come to see deeper dimensions to the quran’s language e.g. the use of dualities and the role of gendered words. I can’t cover everything I’ve found in one post, so I’ll keep this as brief and as structured as possible.

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