Protector of the Small: Homosexuality 

“It’s not an insult in Yaman. Some men prefer other men, some women prefer other women.” Kel shrugged.

“In the Eastern Lands people like that pursue their loves privately,” replied Neal. “Manly fellows like Joren think it’s a deadly insult to be accused of wanting another man.”

“That doesn’t make sense!” Kel said.

“It’s still an insult on this side of the Emerald Ocean.”

-Page, Tamora Pierce

For context: Tortallan lands are reversed, so the “Eastern lands” are what’s the “West” here (US, Europe) and the “western lands” are based on the east here, Asian, African countries. And it just struck me as interesting, that particular bit of history thrown in there so non-nonchalantly by Pierce, probably unnoticeable, but ever so symbolically important.

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    Can I just say that I LOVE Tamora Pierce? She’s so wonderfully feminist~!