A collective post of things that are completely worth celebrating: in no particular order-

  • Tammy Duckworth (center) from Illinois becomes the first disabled woman to be elected as Congresswomen. Also, she is a Chinese woman born in Thailand. Yay diversity!
  • Mazie Hirono (top left) from Hawaii becomes the first Asian-American woman (born in Japan) in the U.S. Senate. [x] She has also served as one of two Buddhists ever in US Congress, and is the first in the Senate. [x]
  • Tulsi Gabbard (top right), of Hawaii, becomes first American Hindu in US Congress. [x]
  • Grace Meng (bottom left) becomes the first Asian-American from New York elected to Congress. [x]
  • That means the rape apologist Joe Walsh has been kicked off. [x]
  • Todd Akin who’s been quoted saying; “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down” never made it. He lost to the incumbent, Claire McCaskill. [x]
  • The disgusting Richard Mourdock who thinks “Rape is a gift from God”: booted off. [x]
  • Colorado has become the first state to legalize the recreational use and sale of marijuana. [x] As predicted, this has also been legalized in Washington. [x]
  • Maine, Maryland and Washington (though votes are still coming in) have voted for marriage equality, and Minnesota has voted for NOT passing a ban on marriage equality for same-sex couples. 
  • Tammy Baldwin (bottom right) in Wisconsin becomes the first openly gay Senator to be elected. [x]
  • Mary Gonzalez (bottom center) of Texas is the first openly pansexual Representative of State in Austin (and she came out three months ago). [x]
  • Elizabeth Warren becomes the first woman elected as a senator to a federal office in the history of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. [x]
  • New Hampshire is the first stare with an all female delegation! [x]
  • Also adding in from a message sent by theinterbutt: “Orange County voters (in Florida) delivered a huge election victory for out, gay candidate Joe Saunders in Florida House District 49. This is a pretty big deal because even though Florida turned out to be a blue state in this presidential election, we are still predominately red in a lot of areas”. [x]

On a note- I’d made some mistakes on the post (for which I apologize) that people caught and brought to my attention (of which, thank you)- as well as other additions and so the post’s been edited.

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