why anti-semitism is ‘racism’ 



note, this is not in response to any drama on my dashboard. i dont care whats going on.

BUT one thing that i am seeing often enough is this idea that antisemitism is not racism and that all jews have white privilege. here is my own brief opinion on why this statement is false and why both white and non-white people need to stop suggesting jews dont experience racism.

first of all, there are all sorts of complications regarding this conception of jew=white. remember that there are also black jews (for example the beta israelis) and all sorts of communities that are jewish but not-white. this is why anti-semitism is racism, because if you act as if the two are mutually exclusive, you are reinforcing the assumption that jew=white. they can only be mutually exclusive if all jews are white. 

but this isnt even the most important part.

when you make statements that do not understand race as socially constructed, you reinforce some kind of a natural truth to the conception of race. 

you erase the multifacted process of racial production which differs based on other social markers- like sex, gender, sexuality, class, nationality, etc- and geographic territory. you forget that people understand race differently and that there is no one way of looking at racial production that is more valid than another.

why? because race is not a real thing. 

hence most jews being integrated into whiteness yet also experiencing racism.

tumblr, please bare with me here: i know you all love saying power+prejudice until your throat is raw but for a second, humor me.

racism against jewish people, particularly white jews, seems a little ironic and contrary but thats the exact point. race is a flimsy category. its not biological. there are contradictions and confusions— this is a characteristic of racial production itself. it doesnt always make sense or isnt always ‘common sense’. common sense is constructed by power relations.

if your common sense tells you that antisemitism and racism are mutually exclusive, your common sense is upholding antisemitism and naturalizing the production/existence of racial categories. 

this is because common sense does not recognize how racism implies the process of being differentiated from normative whiteness. this is why muslims experience racism— even though a religion is not a race. you would never argue that islamophobia is not actually racism and taking away from *real* discussions about racial injustice, right? thats why you need to stop making the same claims about jews.

dammit, of-praxis is always on point.

Mmhmm. It’s like religious oppressions cancelling out any racial privileges. This is why this whole thing is a mess and not so easy and uncomplicated as Right and Wrong sides.

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